Arca P0 Monoball


If you can afford the price, this is a beautiful heavy-duty head which works very well with the Platypod® Ultra or Max. It has no knobs on the lower three-quarters, allowing full movement even with the spike-screws in place. Control is provided by a knurled ring on the upper third of the head. Based upon an upside-down design, once the head is leveled at the top it can be panned 360 degrees without requiring any further leveling. On an uneven surface, this is the only type of head that can do this without buying a separate panning head. Weighing in at 10 ounces, it can handle a load capacity of 44 pounds according to Arca-Swiss.


Arca makes its own clamps but we recommend using this together with the really Right Stuff Check B2-LR-II Clamp ($120) as shown. You will also need an Arca-type L bracket (see below). All told, this Cadillac setup will run about $450-$500. There are much more economical ways to achieve similar goals.