Irit the Rice Artist


While traveling through Eilat and shopping for presents for their granddaughters, Larry (the CEO and inventor) and Mina (Larry’s wife and co-owner of Platypod Pro) happened upon this nice lady named Irit at the beach side bazaar. Decades ago she and her husband started up a personalized jewelry business where they write someone's name in nearly any language in fine print on a grain of rice. The rice is then inserted with other ornaments, such as tiny beads and flowers, into a capsule with fluid and sealed. The trinket is then used in bracelets and necklaces. Irit is very proud that they were the local originators of this art, however business has been hard lately since many have copied their trade. Loving her passion and story, Larry and Mina bought nine necklaces for their girls.

Larry became enamored with her work and just had to capture her art. Luckily he always carries Max in his backpack, so he can easily document his travels. Irit kindly cleared a few square inches of her crowded counter space for Max and Larry was able to get these macro shots quickly and easily.


Larry's photo settings in the two macro shots were 1/60 of a second at F9 .0, ISO 800. His equipment was a 90 mm Tamron SPF 2.8 DI macro lens on a Nikon D800 DSLR camera. For stability he used a Platypod Max tripod, a RRS BH-30 ball head, and a Suwayfoto L-Bracket.


Noah Christensen