Shooting Portraits of Whimsy and the Welder

Darren Elias, a portrait and landscape photographer shared some images on his Instagram of his project shooting Whimsy and the Welder, a glass and metal studio. We saw them and just had to ask more about the shoot and why he chose the Platypod Pro. Here is Darren's response:

"Going into the shoot for Whimsy and the Welder, a glass and metal studio, I knew that I wanted to get a low angle ahead of time, and while I knew I could invert my tripod's center column, or right angle it, I would then be playing with either an upside down camera, or a tripod that could be off balance... And, it would take up my time, and the time of my subject. Minutes only, but crucial minutes, and perhaps lingers to get the tripod's odd angle to be "just right".  So, I knew I would be using my Platypod Pro, aside from playing with it in the living room, this was the first time I would be getting to use it. The Platypod Pro took seconds to mount the ball head and place on the floor. I was easily and quickly able to get the angle I wanted and when I was done, I was able to return to my tripod for higher angle shots without having to dismantle or reconfigure it. 

When I was done it, again, took just a few seconds to remove the ball head, tuck it and the plate in the convertible pouch (nice touch, btw, love that the bag can be flat, OR hold my ballhead, and the ballhead I bought for it isn't small) I threw the pouch in my gear bag and it that was it.

Anyway, the Platypod is simple, yet extremely practical, and is now a tool that will remain in my bag for photo shoots as well as hiking/outdoor photography." - Darren Elias Photography