Scott Kelby Travels Around Lisbon and Morocco

KelbyOne’s Worldwide Photowalk is pretty amazing. On one day each year, tens of thousands of photographers all over the world come together in small groups and take photos with one another. This is special.

This past Worldwide Photowalk, Scott Kelby lead a group in Lisbon and Morocco - I guess when it is your event, you can stretch it to more than just one day! A couple days later we tuned into The Grid, just like we have been doing for years, heard Scott talking about his trip, and were struck silent when he held up a Platypod Ultra and said

“I never used my tripod the entire trip. This is all I used my entire trip” – Scott Kelby

Scott goes on to say that he would share more images and stories in a Kelbyone members only webcast. Luckily, we are a longtime member and tuned in! Scott shared stories (like breaking a new lens on day one), images, post processing techniques, and a couple behind the scenes shots featuring Ultra. We were start struck! Scott was kind enough to cut down their 2-hour webcast and let us post it above.

If you are a Kelbyone member, we highly recommend watching the whole webcast! If you prefer photos and text, Scott also made an Adobe Spark page (new format for sharing content, pretty cool!) that even has some bonus photos!

Here is The Grid episode where Scott talks about the webcast and below it a text version that we transcribed. We especially liked the story about the guards trying to determine if Ultra was a tripod or not, since tripods weren't allowed. Looks like Ultra was allowed!

In The above episode of the Grid, scott talks about his trip and loves that he was able to lighten load by not bringing around a tripod.

"I never used my tripod the entire trip. This is all I used my entire trip." - Scott Kelby

In KelbyOne's The Grid episode 306 (starting at 43:24) Scott talks about traveling around with a Platypod. He says "I never used my tripod the entire trip. This is all I used MY ENTIRE TRIP! I took a tripod, I carried it for eight days. I never used it one time. I used this. Let me tell you what. Number one, this is always just in my coat pocket. So I left my tripod actually in my room. I was going to use it one time, I didn't get to use it. I will tell that story later but I used this. There is a screw (hole) on the bottom, so I would screw the little thing on my rapid strap onto here, I would put my camera on here, and it locks tight.

"Number one, this is always just in my coat pocket. So I left my tripod actually in my room." - Scott Kelby

Anywhere I went, I pop this down. Never got stopped by security guards. If there are signs that say no tripods, no one ever comes up. Security guards would look at it, they would look at it and they would not do anything! They would look at it and go:

"Well that is not a tripod. Hey Earl! What do you think, is that a tripod? There are no legs, that is not a tripod. So it is ok? I guess so."

You know what I did too? I was in a library and there was a rope and stanchion so you couldn't walk any further. I put this right on top of the rope and stanchion, it a big round thing, it was perfectly flat. I put it on top, and you know what else I did? It was a little out of line with a table I wanted to shoot, so I took the rope and stanchions, and moved it over. Dude I have so many great stories to share with you all, I have so many great behind the scenes shots to share." - Scott Kelby

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