Hiking Around Patagonia


By Abe Schreiber

Packing for a trip is hard. I was going on a hiking trip in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile and had more equipment and clothes than I could carry. Every item was scrutinized as I predicted how often I would really use it and thought about how much extra weight it would add to my pack. Did I really need a tripod? Can I leave that lens? It was like playing Tetris but in real life.

I remembered my Platypod Max - easy to carry and best of all I didn’t need to compromise stability for a lens. I left my normal tripod at home and couldn’t have been happier. I was always able to find a rock to put Max on and not once did I feel like I was missing my tripod. After my Patagonia trip, I realized my Platypod Max has a permanent spot in my photo bag, never to be scrutinized at packing time again.


Over the course of my trip, I made countless stops to enjoy the scenery and make an image or two. From nighttime photography capturing the starry night sky, to serene mountain lakes.


From beautiful snowy landscapes that needed HDR to do them justice to babbling rivers shot from a slippery rock.


I was able to use the same setup for two portraits, the one above and the selfie below. No hiking trip can be called complete without a selfie!.

Noah Christensen