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By Dave Williams
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Stockholm metro, 2018 by Dave Williams

Stockholm metro, 2018 by Dave Williams

Getting a tripod out on a busy public transport network is a challenge, so when I visited Stockholm to shoot what I saw of the metro system, my Platypod Ultra was just perfect!

The ability to be flexible is incredibly important in these kinds of situations. Notably I recall being shouted at by the station controller via the intercom system at Westminster Tube Station in London along with Scott Kelby and Peter Treadway whilst we were shooting a shiny, silver escalator.

Credit: Dave Williams (2018)

Credit: Dave Williams (2018)

It was a pretty weird situation, if I’m honest, but it happened and it’s one of the troubles we face as photographers. Something I’m learning along with everyone else who regularly uses a Platypod is that when we’re in these ‘no tripods allowed’ situations, we can get away with using a Platypod 99% of the time.

I was once told that you should never point out when you’re going off track, but I digress! Stockholm! The reason I chose Stockholm is largely owing to my love for all things Scandi, and in part because I went there a few years ago and I’m always up for a little self-development so it was a great opportunity to see if I’d bettered myself and could get some better shots this time around.

Stockholm boasts an incredible metro system. Most of the network is basically a giant art installation, with stations transformed by all manner of artwork to look in some cases like caves, and in others boasting tiles from floor to ceiling. There are exhibits and artifacts dotted all over the place. I don’t know how best to describe it; it’s simply something you have to see to believe.

During this trip, we were feeling the wrath of the ‘Beast From The East’ here in Europe, and I was enduring sub-zero temperatures, so ducking into the metro system for the relative warmth was something that not only boosted my portfolio, but also the sensation in my extremities!

The trip to Stockholm was successful, and overall benefited greatly from the use of a Platypod Ultra rather than a bulky tripod to give me a lightweight gear set-up and to allow me portability and flexibility when it came to achieving the shots I wanted in the Metro system. Great results again, with thanks to Platypod for revolutionising the way we shoot!

Here’s a look at some BTS photos with Platypod Ultra.

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