Platypods are Universally Compatible

max is compatible with any ball head

Platypods have a standard 3/8-16 photographic bolt, are compatible with any standard ball head as well as tons of other accessories.

Our patented process means the TA2 titanium bolt will not break. We tested Max up to 300 lbs and Ultra to 100 lbs!

  1. Video Equipment

By attaching a Mini C-Pan Arm by 9.SOLUTIONS to Max, you can get smooth table top video pans.

2. Lights - reflecting from below

The low angles cause a shadow under the model’s face and the blue gel changes the color cast of the shadow.

makeup portrait
Profoto for low angle lighting

3. Lights - reflecting from below mounted above

When you are strapping flashes to beams on the ceiling, you get the highest possible angles without any stands for you or your subjects to trip over.

4. Mobile Office

office in the woods

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to retouch outside on nice days?

Noah Christensen