Another Photoshop World Orlando Down

By Gilmar Smith

Photoshop world came and went so fast. It is always one of my favorite events of the year. Plus, it made me remember the day I became a Platypod Ambassador!

My first day as an ambassador!

My first day as an ambassador!

At last year's Photoshop World, I was approached by the folks at Platypod and invited to join their team. A year later, I'm happy to say I'm so honored to not only be a Platypod ambassador but also a part of a beautiful family, because that's exactly how Larry, Mina, and Noah have made me feel this past year, part of their family!

This year Platypod and I were booth neighbors. They brought NYC with them booth setup street signs and fire hydrants at their booth. But they were not just to decorate their booth (it did look amazing!), those props were to demonstrate the many uses of Platypods. They hung them from the street lights, placed an Ultra on top of parking meter and strapped Max to a fire hydrant. They even hung some on trash cans. I can say, the booth was a hit!

I brought some of Florida with me and had a bayou theme. I had all the fixins, like lightning bugs in a bottle, an angry alligator and even a hillbilly model. Spectacular Themes @spectacularthemesorlando provide the props and boy...did they do amazing!

Only 10 weeks to go for Photoshop World Vegas! We hope to see you there!

Gilmar Smith is an Orlando-based photographer, content creator, Photoshop addict & social media junkie! Visit her at and be sure to follow her on Instagram

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