1) How much weight can the Platypod Pro™ base support?
The 3/8 inch bolt has been tested in horizontal position, perpendicular to the ground & supported a 90 pound load with no damage or warping. See accompanying article.
2) Can I mount my PocketWizard transceiver together with my camera/tripod head on the Platypod Pro™ base?
Yes. Either with any 1/4" #20 bolt or with the spikescrews/roundnuts included in the Platypod Pro™ Deluxe Kit. See the accompanying article
3) How does the Platypod Pro™ compare with other compact tripod supports such as the Joby® Gorillapod?
Although both products are essentially intended for the same function the two units are as different as the animals they are named after, the platypus and the gorilla. Essentially the Platypod Pro™ is smaller, lighter, stronger, less expensive, and more versatile. For more details read the following: First of all, to appropriately compare tripod base to tripod base we must look at the Joby® Focus unit vs. the Platypod Pro™ base plate as both can support professional DSLRs. Street price under $80 vs less than $50. From here on we will refer to these as J-F vs. PPP. Load Capacities: J-F 11lbs. PPP 90 lbs. Dimensions: J-F 3.6 x 3.6 x 11.4 inches (148 cubic inches). PPP 3 x 5 x 0.16 inches plus two 1/4 inch tall bolts embedded (~2.5 cubic inches!) Weight: J-F 17.6 oz. PPP 3.2 oz. Construction: J-F Plastic, rubber, some metal. PPP Aircraft Grade aluminum plate and two titanium bolts. Connection: J- F has a stainless steel 1/4”-20 slotted screw necessitating screwdriver or coin for tightening and a 3/8” step up adapter to accommodate larger tripod heads. PPP has two titanium bolts (1/4” and 3/8”) which are welded solidly through the plate with aluminum and are attached to any photographic mount by simply rotating the plate, no screwdrivers no Allen wrenches needed. PPP comes with a convenient carrying case, three spike screws for mounting on unusual surfaces and a female spigot adapter to accommodate photographic lighting equipment. J-B does not. PPP has four mounting holes to allow attachment to walls and ceilings as well as wooden planks, skateboards, surfboards, etc. The same mounting holes can be fitted with zip ties to secure to poles, branches etc. In all fairness, the J-F unit has one advantage in that it can be wrapped around a pole or branch without using zip ties but still with a weight limit of 11 pounds. We have been able to support up to 45 pounds with the PPP and zip ties.
4) Why does Platypod Pro seems unstable when the spikes are screwed in?
The Platypod Pro works by lowering the center of gravity so for best stability screw in the spikes as little as possible. Playing with the angle of the ball head will also increase stability.
For more information please download the instruction manual.