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Platypod - the world’s most compact tripods

  • Flat - fits in your bag

  • Strong - holds heavy cameras and lighting equipment

  • Stable - as solid as the surface you put it on


Which Platypod is right for you?

Ultra for your travel bag with lenses up to 900 gm (2 lb)
Max for when you bring out your big lenses

Best for Ultra.jpg

Ultra is for your travel bag, it supports DSLRs and smaller.

  • Handles lenses up to 2 lbs / 900 g

  • 3.2 oz, 5.08" x 3.36", and 4.3 mm thick

Best for Max.jpg

Max is for your big rigs, it can handle anything.

  • Handles up to 300 lbs of equipment

  • 11 oz, 5.25" x 7.75", and 5 mm thick



The accessory kit that is compatible with either Max or Ultra

  • 1.5” aluminum riser converts mount from 3/8-16” to 1/4”

  • 36” Strap goes around a telephone pole or smaller

  • 3/8-1/4” Spigot adapter for accessories like lighting equipment and magic arms

  • Grip Pad for hard surfaces like gyms and car hoods

Macro with goosenecks and lytra

Stackable Goosenecks

Every Platypod needs bendable necks to hold onto their 1/4-20” accessories. Our goosenecks come in stackable pairs. The Pre-order date has ended. However, the new goosenecks will be available in mid-November.

replacement tripod parts

Replacement Parts

For when you just can’t find them.

Not sure if Max or Ultra is for your equipment?

Check out this video. Still not sure? Send us an email to with your equipment.

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