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The Perfect Match for your Platypod

 Introducing the Multi-Accessory Kit.

The Multi-Accessory Kit is compatible with your Pro, Max or Ultra. Unlock everything your Platypod has to offer with these handy tools: A 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and studio lighting; a silicone pad to secure grip on flat surfaces; a 36-inch cinch strap for securing your Platypod on large, freestanding objects (such as trees and wide poles); and a riser that accommodates more tripod ball heads.

What's inside the Multi-Accessory Kit.


the spigot adapter

Lighten your lighting load. Rig up your flash or monolight head on Ultra or Max using this adapter and you’ve got the portable off-camera lighting tool in your pocket.


the silicone pad

Use this 4 x 6-inch pad to prevent slipping or scratching on flat surfaces like furniture or cars. Easy to wash.


the anodized-aluminum riser

Makes your Platypod compatible with more tripod ball heads, such as smaller ball heads and those with a wing knob or lever incompatible with the flat Platypod surface (3/8" socket devices require a 1/4"-3/8" bushing, commonly supplied with a ball head).


the tension strap

If you have the right tools, Platypods can be secured to almost any freestanding object. This 36-inch-long, 1.5-inch-wide, rugged strap rises to the challenge. Tested to 100 pounds.


the drawstring pouch

This 4,25 x 6.25 pouch keeps all your handy Platypod accessories right by your side.


Do More With Your Multi-Accessory Kit