Is your Ball Head Compatible?

Platypods don’t come with ball heads but are compatible with most photography ball heads. If your ball head has a locking knob that extends past the bottom as it rotates, hitting the Platypod, try pulling the knob, like a watch, to lock it using a lever motion. If you aren’t sure, contact us at and we will let you know if your equipment is compatible.

If you are in the market for a ball head or accessories, here are some we recommend.


As you can imagine, we love tripod ball heads.

Platypods work well with almost any head but here are a few ball heads that we own, have tested and highly recommend.

Giottos 1304 KO_17A0932.png

Giottos MH1304-110c Mini Ballhead


Although the  Platypod® Ultra is designed and built for heavy-duty use, that doesn't mean that it can't be used with lightweight or compact equipment. This is an extremely compact, inexpensive and lightweight solution that can support up to 7 lbs. Attaches directly to a camera's 1/4"–20 standard tripod socket. Great for compact point-and-shoot cameras and with smartphones and tablets when combined with tripod mounts from Square Jellyfish. Can also be purchased separately at Amazon and many fine camera stores.


Benro IN00 Ultra Web copy.png



What is so special about this ball head? To put it simply, compact size, build quality and price. The single lever type ratcheting locking knob packs flat in your camera bag alongside the Platypod Ultra. Comes with a nice Arca style QR plate as well as the safety system in the clamp locking knob. One pull on the knob after a single detente prevents accidental release. Just point the locking lever vertically and this good ol’ boy will spin on and off the Platypod Ultra with all spikes in place. Beautifully crafted & rated to support 11 pounds. Best bang for the buck!

Oben BE-117 Ball Head


Good knob controlled Arca-style clamp and ball head with separate panning knob. Fits well in Platypod Pro™ case. Works well with Ultra or Max. This unit should be mounted to the Platypod® Ultra plate prior to insertion of spike-screws but can mount on Max with all spikes already in place. Like the Benro, this ball head comes with its own Arca-style plate, and while the head can be swung over to 90 degrees, we still recommend an L bracket (see below) for vertical shots. Generously rated by Oben for 17.6-pound load capacity, but for really heavy loads we would recommend one of the more expensive units. Excellent value.

Sunwayfoto FB-28i

Sunwayfoto FB-28i Ball Head


If you really want a very compact but sturdy ball head at an excellent price check out this little beauty. It's about the size of two walnuts and easily slips onto Ultra even with all spike-feet in place. Perfect for travel as it folds down really compact. Has a claimed load capacity of over 13 pounds but will still hold any DSLR with a standard zoom lens. It is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and has a separate panning knob. What makes this so special is how compact yet functional it is with an Arca style head. This one is really perfect for travel and hiking.

Really Right Stuff. BH-30 LR: Compact ballhead with B2-40 LR clamp


Compact yet extremely sturdy and fits well in our case with plenty of room to spare. The company claims a 15-pound load capacity, but it can probably handle more than that in our humble opinion. Very smooth three-position lever-operated Arca-type clamp. Finely crafted. Does not include a quick-release base plate, which must be purchased separately (see below regarding L plates). Again, this unit should be mounted to the Platypod®Ultra plate prior to insertion of spike-screws but can mount on Max with all spikes already in place. Large ratcheting control lever/knob clears the plate and locks the ball head very well without the need for any tension control.

Somewhat expensive but well worth the price and seems to hold its value reasonably well at resale.

Arca P0 Monoball


If you can afford the price, this is a beautiful heavy-duty head which works very well with the Platypod® Ultra or Max. It has no knobs on the lower three-quarters, allowing full movement even with the spike-screws in place. Control is provided by a knurled ring on the upper third of the head. Based upon an upside-down design, once the head is leveled at the top it can be panned 360 degrees without requiring any further leveling. On an uneven surface, this is the only type of head that can do this without buying a separate panning head. Weighing in at 10 ounces, it can handle a load capacity of 44 pounds according to Arca-Swiss.


Arca makes its own clamps but we recommend using this together with the really Right Stuff Check B2-LR-II Clamp ($120) as shown. You will also need an Arca-type L bracket (see below). All told, this Cadillac setup will run about $450-$500. There are much more economical ways to achieve similar goals.

Really Right Stuff BH-55 LR Ballhead (for Max only)


Okay, this is the 747 jumbo jet of tripod ball heads! While not for the faint of heart or wallet, it will handle practically any professional camera gear you can mount on it. Sure and firm controls allow for solid lockdown of your heaviest hunkiest, chunkiest camera gear. This one is for the new Platypod Max only and we practically designed our large plate around it. The BH-55 will spin on and off the Max with all spike-screws and the holder box already in place. This is one to use on your heavy-duty tripod for eye-level shots and on Max for low-level shots and tight spots. Coupled with an appropriate Arca-style L-bracket you would be hard-pressed to find steadier support for your camera equipment. 


For the most versatile use of your Platypod, we do recommend using an Arca-type L-bracket to allow vertical camera positioning. You might want to check out for some heavy-duty L-plates, Sunwayfoto or 3-Legged Thing for some excellent yet less-expensive options or for other alternatives. These companies make camera-specific models for the more popular professional models, as well as a few universal and adjustable plates. Again, you might want to read reviews and try before you buy with these products.