Complete Mini Tripod

Complete Mini Tripod

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The complete mini tripod for the photographer your love - even if that photographer is yourself.

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IN00 Single Action Ball Head ($50)

  • Arca-type compatible quick-release with a PU50 QR plate

  • Holds up to 11 lbs

  • Stands just 3" high

  • Weighs 7.4 oz

  • 360° panning

  • A bubble level

- Plus -

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Platypod Ultra ($59)

  • Weighs 3.2 oz

  • 5.08" x 3.36" - size of a small smart phone

  • Only 4.3 mm thick

  • Holds up to 100 lbs

multi on a rock

Multi Accessory Kit ($29)


  1. Spigot adapter for a flash or monolight head

  2. Non-slip pad to prevent slipping or scratching on surfaces like furniture or cars

  3. Aluminum riser with 3/8" socket for smaller accessories, like mini ball heads

  4. Strap to strap Ultra around poles or trees

  5. Microfiber bag to hold your Platypod, Benro, and accessories and clean your lens

Platypod Ultra + Benro IN00 Ball Head makes the Perfect Minitripod

  • Strong - Holds up to 11 lbs of equipment

  • Compact - Takes up no space in your bag

  • Stable - Can handle the heaviest of cameras

Pair them with your a Multi Accessory Kit and you have the winning combination

Not sure what a Platypod is? Scott Kelby breaks it down before his recent World Wide Photo Walk