Multi Accessory Kit

Multi Accessory Kit


Unlock the full potential of your Platypod tripods.

The Multi-Accessory Kit is compatible with your Pro, Max or Ultra. Unleash everything your Platypod has to offer with these handy tools: A 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and studio lighting; a silicone pad to secure grip on flat surfaces; a 36-inch cinch strap for securing your Platypod on large, freestanding objects (such as trees and wide poles); and a riser that accommodates more tripod ball heads.

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What's inside the Multi-Accessory Kit?

What is included in the Multi Accessory Kit
lighting adapter for tripods

Spigot adapter.

Lighten your lighting load. Rig up your flash or monolight head using this adapter and you’ve got the portable off-camera lighting tool in your pocket.

Nonslip pad for platypod tripods

Non-slip pad.

Use this 4 x 6-inch pad to prevent slipping or scratching on flat surfaces like furniture or cars. Made of silicone and easy to wash.

photography accessory adapter for platypod tripods

Aluminum riser.

Attach your Platypod to smaller accessories, like mini ball heads and tripod heads with a wing knobs or levers incompatible with the flat Platypod surface (3/8" socket devices require a 1/4"-3/8" bushing, commonly supplied with a ball head).

Strap Max tripod to objects

Tension strap.

With the right tools, Platypods can be secured to almost any freestanding object. This 36-inch-long, 1.5-inch-wide, rugged strap rises to the challenge. Tested to 100 pounds.

tripod accessory bag

Drawstring pouch.

A 4.25 x 6.25 pouch keeps all your handy accessories right by your side.