The Diary of the Traveling Platypod

There comes a time in every Platypod’s life when it has to leave the security of its factory and experience everything the wonderful world of photography has to offer. Here at Platypod, we love when photographers show us their initial reactions while unboxing a Platypod, tagging us in behind-the-scenes shots showing Platypods out in the wild. It got us thinking. It would be really cool to create the Diary of a Platypod Ultra and watch as it travels from one photographer to another, experiencing new types of photographers, from animal photographers shooting portraits of dogs in a New York City park, to travel photographers capturing their journeys backpacking across Europe?

We want Ultra to experience all that photography has to offer and we need your help.

Please sign up to host Ultra on its journey.

The Details:

We are asking for volunteers to host Ultra for a two week stay in their camera bag. We ask that each photographer let Ultra tag along on every shoot and help us all see the world in a new and different way. During the stay we ask that the host take a couple of photographs and quick video clips when they first meet Ultra, during any shoots it attends and when sending it off on the next stage of its journey for use on social media and blogs to help share Ultra’s adventures.

We will pay for all of Ultra’s travel expenses, all you have to do is expose it to the wonderful world of photography.

Sign Up to Become a Host

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Tell us about where you plan on taking Ultra. We are looking to give it a diverse experience of locations, subjects and types of photographers.
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