Platypod - the world’s most compact tripods

  • Compact - fits in your bag

  • Strong - holds heavy DSLRs and full size video cameras

  • Stable - as solid as the surface you put it on


Max - $99.00

For heavy DSLRs and BIG lenses

  • Best for cameras with heavy or long lenses, full-sized video cameras and bulky accessories

  • Supports up to 300 pounds of equipment

  • Great for travel—Max is about the size of a mini tablet

  • Includes the Max base, 4 spike feet and a removable spike-feet storage box. Does not come with a tripod ball head.


Ultra - $59

For mirrorless and midsize cameras

  • Ideal for cameras with small- to medium-sized lenses

  • Supports up to 90 pounds of gear

  • Compatible with most professional tripod ball heads

  • Great for travel—the Ultra is about the size of a smartphone

  • Includes: Ultra base, spike-feet set, cinch strap. Does not include a tripod ball head


Multi Accessory Kit - $29

Platypods work best when pared  with the Multi Accessory Kit. These accessories are compatible with Ultra and Max and sold separately. When you choose the bundle, we save on shipping and pass that to you.


  • Spigot Adapter to easily setup flash and monolight mounts. Mount not included.
  • Aluminum Riser to mount 1/4 inch accessories directly to Platypods without a ball head.

  • Silicone Pad to quickly prevent slipping or scratching objects. Washable with soap and water.

  • 36 - inch Tension Strap to hang Platypods to poles and trees.

  • Drawstring Pouch to keep all the accessories together.


Replacement Parts

Extra spike-feet, spike holder box, or rubber caps. For when you just can't seem to find some of the pieces.


Not sure if Max or Ultra is for your equipment?

Check out this video. Still not sure? Send us an email to info@platypod.com with your equipment.

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