The flat tripod for mirrorless and compact cameras!

Ultra is flat, light and compact. At the size of a smartphone and only 3.2 oz, Ultra fits in your pocket. Designed for small to medium equipment, like mirrorless, GoPro, and compact DSLRs. Not sure if Ultra or Max is for you? Send us a note with your equipment to info@platypod.com.

Ultra proves that powerful tools come in small packages. At just 3.2 oz, and 5.08" x 3.36", and 4.3 mm thick it provides rock solid camera support. Don’t be fooled by Ultra’s slim stature—it will be the most reliable tool in your gear bag and we offer a 5 year warranty to back it up.

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Ultra flat tripod and box

Whats in the Box?

Platypod Ultra - Made for smaller equipment like mirrorless and compact cameras

4 heavy-duty spike feet and wallet - Use the spike feet for grip in unusual places

20-inch cinch strap - Strap the Ultra to poles, beams, trees, and other freestanding objects 

Carabiner - Clip the Ultra on your belt for easy transportation

Ultra flat tripod
What equipment is Platypod Ultra tripod compatible with

We believe the best tools can come in the smallest packages.

There is no other product on the market that offers the strength, durability, adaptability and ease of use in such a compact frame. You will never have to leave a piece of equipment behind to make room for your Platypod.

The Platypod Ultra is our latest design to make shooting great images or video easier for you. We listened to the suggestions of Platypod users to make the original design even sturdier and added more features that make the Ultra the most versatile tool in your gear bag. At roughly the size of a smartphone, our patented technology can hold up to 100 pounds.

Ultra flat tripod on a photography bag
Ultra tripod easy to cary

Made from:

  • Base - Aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6

  • Bolt - Titanium TA2

  • Screws - 100% stainless steel, rubber caps, and chrome plated steel round nuts

  • Patented design


  • Weight: 3.2 oz

  • Thickness: 4.3 mm

  • Dimensions: 5.08" x 3.36"

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Ultra and Multi Bundle
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Max + Ultra + Multi Bundle
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Ultra the flat tripod during a hike


Ultra comes with four “feet," which are screws that grip on uneven or rocky surfaces. Often you don't need any.

  1. Use one feet for grip on uneven surfaces.

  2. Use two feet to hang on objects like rocks. Even vertical objects like fences and car windows.

  3. Use three feet on really uneven surfaces.

  4. Use four feet to spike Max into soft surfaces, like grass and sand.

Each stainless steel screw is 2 inches long with heavy-duty rubber caps and locking nuts. Ultra comes with a wallet case to hold the feet together.

Ultra tripod on car.jpg

Compatible with most ball heads.

Patented tool free design allows compatibility with 3/8-16 ball heads. See if your ball head is compatible.

Unlock Ultra's Full Potential with the Multi Accessory Kit. These accessories are compatible with Ultra and Max and sold separately. When you bundle them together, we save on shipping and pass that to you.

Ultra flat tripod with accessory riser.jpg

Aluminum Riser.

Mount 1/4 inch accessories directly to Ultra without a ball head.

Ultra with lighting spigot adapter

Spigot Adapter.

Easily setup off-camera flashes and monolights. Mount not included.

Ultra tripod on car with non slip pad

Silicone Pad.

Quickly prevent slipping or scratching. Washable with soap and water.

Ultra flat tripod mounted to a tree

36-inch Strap

Attach Ultra to poles and trees.36-inch strap attachs Max to poles and trees.

Multi Accessory Kit in bag

Drawstring Pouch

Keeps all your accessories right by your side.

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Max + Ultra + Multi Bundle
169.00 187.00
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